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The Freedom to Move Studio


The Freedom to Move Studio is proud to be considered  the finest studio in Israel by many in the GYROTONIC® field. We have evolved into a teacher training facility and a center for education and nourishment in the Israeli community. 

Inquire about our group classes, workshops and private training sessions to
help guide you through your powerful 
GYROTONIC® journey and beyond.

About The Freedom to Move Studio

You will find our studio inviting, peaceful and warm. We pride ourselves in creating a tranquil GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® sanctuary so you may maximize your experience while enjoying all that GYROTONIC SYSTEM®training has to offer. Our well­rounded and experienced teachers have excelled through the entire range

of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® teacher trainings. We have the finest equipment available and offer a pure learning experience to ensure you receive the most at The Freedom to Move Studio.

The Freedom to Move Studio is located at 10 Hantke Street, in Haifa.  Founded in 2004, by Specialized Master trainer Ronny Perry‐Nadav, our original location continues to grow hosting Master Trainers from around the world and offering unique workshops, teacher training courses and our customized client program.

To learn more about the genesis of this system and its creator Juliu Horvath please go to

You can contact Ronny at: 00972525287705

Or at the Studio: 00972-76-5410102

סטודיו ג׳יירוטוניק
The Freedom to Move

Ronny Perry‐Nadav

Owner of The Freedom to Move studio in Haifa, Israel.
Specialized Master Trainer GYROTONIC® / Specialized Master Trainer  GYROKINESIS®‐certificate courses / GYROTONIC® LEVEL 2 Master Trainer.

Ronny Perry‐Nadav one of the 13 Specialized Master Trainer  GYROKINESIS®‐  in the world for the GYROKINESIS®‐certification courses  as well as a GYROTONIC® Level 2 Master Trainer.


Ronny’s love for movement began at the age of 4.
She grew up dancing modern and ballet, and rhythmic gymnastics.
She was also a very active athlete. Ronny’s background in movement naturally kindled her interest inGYROTONIC®, Pilates, and other movement‐based therapeutic disciplines.

In 2000, she began her extensive training in the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM®, created and founded by Juliu Horvath. Throughout her GYROTONIC® training, Ronny travelled from her home in Haifa to Germany to work with Juliu in his studio and leaned from different Master trainers around the world.
She hosted Juliu Horvath in Israel  in 2010 and in 2012, to teach his special breathing and Rejuvenation courses as well as a GYROKINESIS®‐  certification course . Ronny earned her first Level as a GYROTONIC® Trainer in 
2010 and in 2010 Juliu appointed her as a Level 1 GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and in 2012 as a GYROKINESIS® 
Master Trainer. 
Ronny is the first Israeli GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and  GYROKINESIS® 
Master Trainer.

For the past ten years Ronny has been a pioneer dedicating herself to bringing the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM to the Israeli sports, fitness and medical community. 

In 2004, Ronny founded The Freedom To Move Studio, she is running all aspects of GYROTONIC® studies there for both private clientele, teacher training courses and continued education for instructors.

In 2012, Ronny was appointed by Juliu Horvath to be a Specialized International Master Trainer for GYROKINESIS® and to teach the certification courses. She is one of only 13 Authorized Master Trainers in the world. As an Authorized International Master Trainer, Ronny conducts the GYROKINESIS®  Level 1 Final Certifications internationally and assists Certified Trainers in the rigorous process of becoming Master Trainers. She continues to deepen her knowledge and skills studying with Juliu Horvath on a regular basis.

Ronny seeks to create a nurturing environment where the joy of movement & the inspiration of creative energies can unfold. She recognizes the intelligence of the body by integrating the dynamic movement of the GYROTONIC®Expansion System and the healing power of touch. This synergistically helps to improve the quality of life and bring each client to a space where the physical, mental, and spiritual are equally cared for.

Address: Hantke 10, Haifa, Israel
Office: 076-541-0102


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